Newsletter – 11 May 2015 – #3

This is a test newsletter from Jessica Rose.
bramble_homepageThe newsletter content is created in WordPress, by creating a new post (category=”newsletter”). Pictures from the website can be included in the normal way and basic styling (paragraphs, bold text, underlined text) added. Hyperlinks – to the website or to external sites – can also be used.

Spring Washing II
The actual newsletter is set up in MailChimp, and consists of a header (the website logo), the post content and a standard footer (which includes an “unsubscribe” link). The content is fed to MailChimp as an RSS feed. And MailChimp sends out the email at a specified time each day – but only if there is new content.

People can sign up to the newsletter on Jessica’s website – the list of subscribers in MailChimp is automatically updated. Jessica can also manually add subscribers to her MailChimp list by logging on to

The MailChimp control panel gives statistics on how many newsletters have been sent and how many of these have been read.